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Dr. Richard Jason founded Jacksonville Foot Clinic in 1971. After attending Michigan State University and Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, he completed his residency in Jacksonville at Doctor's Hospital. When it transitioned to Jacksonville Medical Center, he served as Chief of Podiatry and a Board Member. He furthered his education, training and clinical experience and became Board Certified with the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatric Surgery, a Fellow of Academy of Ambulatory Foot Surgery and a Diplomate of the National Board of Podiatry Examiners.

In 1975, he introduced Podiatric care to Putnam County as the first Podiatrist and founded the Foot Clinic of Palatka to build awareness of treatments available for foot and ankle disorders.

"I love what I do. Each patient I have met is unique in their need. If I can make a difference and relieve their pain or prevent other foot and ankle disorders, I have done my job."  Dr. Richard Jason

Dr. Scott Jason joined the practice in 2000 to further the committment toward quality foot and ankle care in the Jacksonville and Palatka areas. After completing his undergraduate work at George Washington University in Washington D.C., he went on to graduate from the School of Podiatric Medicine at Barry University in Miami. His residency brought him back to Jacksonville where he completed 3 years at St. Vincent's Medical Center.

Dr. Scott Jason furthered his education and qualifications with advanced training and clinical experience and received Board Certification with the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Primary Care Podiatry and the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatric Surgery. 

As an avid athlete over the years, "Dr. Scott" (as he is fondly called) brings a focused interest in the areas of foot and ankle injuries, abnormal foot biomechanic disorders and the necessity of good diabetic foot care. 

"Each day offers a new way of looking at care. It is through these  encounters with our patients I have grown and continue my committment to seek better treatments for relief of pain, correct foot disorders and prevent injuries. And being able to work side by side with my dad is...well pretty awsome!" Dr. Scott Jason

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