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Ingrown Toenails -They are common and can be corrected painlessly allowing you to go back into your shoes the following day. To help prevent this, always trim your nails straight across.

Fungus Under The Nail - If untreated, the nail will thicken and discolor and can lead to fungal skin conditions.  Now offering Laser Treatment for toenal fungus.  Call us for more information

Athlete's Foot - This chronic fungus skin between the toes will lead to a secondary bacterial infection if ignored. Treatment includes topical and /or oral medications as well as treatment of foot gear. Safety precautions include avoiding going barefoot in public areas and carefully dry between the toes.

Gout - Caused by an increase in uric acid in the body. Symptoms develop suddenly as a red, hot and swollen 1st toe joint. A simple blood test is done to identify this condition. Treatment includes needed instruction on dietary measures.

" There are many foot and ankle conditions we see and treat every day. Those listed above are just a few. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort that lasts several weeks, see your doctor. The longer you wait, the longer it may take to heal." Dr. Scott Jason