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Almost 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes.

In 2010 alone, 1.9 million cases were diagnosed among people 20 years or older. 

Hispanic/Latinos are most at risk with 66% more likely to be diagnosed when compared to non-Hispanic whites.
Become aware...know your risk!

During National Diabetes Month in November, we are reminding those with diabetes or are at risk of the disease, to Knock Your Socks Off and have Today's Podiatrist check your feet at least twice a year for symptoms, such as loss of sensation, burning or tingling.

Why is this important?

New research by Thomson Reuters Healthcare Study not only shows how including Today's Podiatrist in the diabetes management team can save the U.S. health-care system $3.5 billion annually, but  also revealed that amputation rates can be reduced by 45 - 85% in diabetes patients with a comprehensive foot care program.

For information on Diabetes & Frequently Asked Questions click here.